"Ecological Cattle Farming" is all about producers' welfare and a proposed new system of matching the consumers' demand for natural meat while utilising South Africa's unique ecology, capable farmers and marketing opportunities.  It ultimately challenges the status quo and the role of the Red Meat Producers Organisation (RPO) to intervene in the management of the red meat industry and to become custodians of farmers to deliver natural produced red meat on a national scale.

In the book, you will discover:

cattle farming does not start with cattle

It is all about priorities.  Cattle's production capacity follows veld's production capacity.  To be a successful cattle farmer, a thorough understanding of veld management is needed.  The science of livestock farming includes every aspect of nature.

what is cattle production?

Beef cattle production is the increase of live mass of an individual, or a class, or a herd of cattle, through growth, fattening, reproduction, or lactation, or a combination of all these functions which happens day after day and must be measured in total herd context.

what happened to common sense

The more a cattle farming operation moves away from nature, the less sustainable and more costly it becomes with increased damage to the environment and human health. Eventually it becomes a non-scientific monster.

factors enhancing profitability

Proof through case studies and examples of farmers who consistently improved their profitability by applying new thinking and sustainable methods

André Mentz writes about the future of cattle production as it needs to be rather than as it is today

“It is my hope that this important book will contribute to greater awareness throughout the industry from producers to consumers until all cattle production is based on good science and sound principles in a holistic world”

Alan Savory  //  President and co-founder of the Savory Institute

André’s ultimate challenge to the whole cattle industry is, either to shift your paradigm or perish

"Dr Mentz has in this book introduced the new paradigm, long overdue to the cattle industry. He has via detailed illustrations, explanations and calculations introduced the paradigm of production, grounded on sound ecological and economic principles to the cattle world. The prevailing paradigm of science, genetics, production without cost calculation and asset base management, has too long prevailed without challenge, largely to the detriment of the livestock producer and environment. He has also very clearly explained the differences between the two paradigms for all to understand. A book that is a must for every single person involved in the whole cattle industry."

Isaac Jokum  //  Cattle Farmer  (MSc Livestock-Economics)

Dr. Mentz already inspired me...

Dr. Mentz already inspired me greatly in his book: 'Perspektiewe oor Beesboerdery in Suider-Afrika', Thus I can't wait to get hold of his new book.

Christiaan Uatirauina Kazohua  //  Cattle Farmer (Namibia)